bTres Mini

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Please note, this is a pre-order product and shipments will begin in April 2023

bTres Mini requires DS1 tuning device

Package includes:

  • CPU/Device
  • micro USB to standard USB plug
  • free download of the android/ios app

This device does not come with a screen.  It will always log just like it's big brother, but you must use a mobile device to connect to it when you want to view the gauges, virtual dyno, download and/or sync log files.  You can use any mounted mobile device as well in your car as a more permanent screen option.

If your vehicle does't have a USB plug, you'll need to either purchase the optional 12v harness for installation in your car or a cigarette light to usb converter.

If using the standard USB, 12v plug or MMI power converter plug, you will not need to remove any panels in your car at all, you will simply place the device somewhere convenient to the usb/mmi plug.

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