by Travis Logan

bTres has reinvented auto logging.

General Logging
Every 3 minutes, bTres will save a log file of the last 3 minutes.  This means when you come to a light and your car stalls or idles weird or your car bucks while cruising and your engine light turns on, you'll have the logs to review.

Pull Logging
When you push your pedal 80% of the way, bTres will begin creating a pull log and will continue it until 5 seconds after your pedal is below 80%.

Dyno Logging
If you go full throttle in either 3, 4, or 5th gear from below 2500 rpm to at least 6000 rpm, bTres will save a Dyno log.  

View your logs

At any time you can switch to the bTres interface on your display and scroll through all your saved logs and sync them to your cloud log viewer or download them.   Dyno logs will show you the dyno results of it again right on the screen.

Your choice how you want to export your logs

Sync to a free cloud hosting provided by bTres
bTres has created a website where you can sync your logs to at any time so long as your bTres is connected to a wifi.  You can then download or view those logs at your leisure from your dedicated url.

Download to the included usb thumb drive
If you'd like the more old school approach.  With every bTres order you will receive a usb thumb drive and usb extension cable so you can place the usb port where you like.  You can then insert the usb drive and sync your logs to it whenever you like.

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