Trouble Shooting Installation

The most common issues for your bTres to not work are the following:

Display comes on but there is only a faint backlight, no actual picture Can you see the bTres wifi network? If so, this likely a connection issue with your display.  Please inspect the connected wire.
No power to the unit at all If no lights can be seen coming from inside the box, then there is almost a full certainty that the unit doesn't have power properly connected.  Please ensure the USB C power cord is connected to the unit and that the cord is properly connected to a 12v fuse and grounded properly.  You can always test a phone or laptop charger that is USB C to see the lights come on.
bTres Logo keeps appearing in a loop

This happens when the bTres is having trouble talking to your DS1, which is almost always attributed to one of three issues:

  1. Your DS1 is old and hasn't been updated in a very very long time.  the bTres requires your DS1 to be on v1645 or newer to be able to function correctly.
  2. You have another device connected to the DS1
  3. Your DS1 needs to be rebooted, just pull it out of the OBD and put it back.

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